Luxury Ice Cream

Luxury Hand Rolled ice cream!

Now, there is Ice cream and there is Ice cream, but when you want the true taste of excellent ice cream, plus all the fun of watching it made, right in front of your eyes, this This ice cream service is the one for you! This is a luxury ice cream service, so it should be regarded at a special treat, but take it from us, everyone will absolutely love it! The ice cream can be made with a variety of flavours and toppings that are perfect for just anyone, this is the best Ice cream ever! 

Charlie Cook Ice cream, hand made at your special event, in front of your eyes!


This is a luxury Ice cream service that most certainly does not need to be reserved for the children! It could just as easy be a part of any special event, even your wedding! Toppings can be changed to suit all tastes and adults can't get enough of the stuff either! If you want more information on booking this luxury ice cream service, please contact us on the link below. 

Click Here to contact us. 

Please Note: This service has food hygiene certification and is fully insured / Legal in Spain.

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