Ric and the Rocks

Ric and the Rocks.

Ric and the rocks are a native Spanish Band, who reproduce the sounds of Rockabilly, swing, jive and classic rock and roll from the 50's era. Despite having the mother tongue of Spanish, the band favours English music and have learned to sing in the original language very well, but of course, they can sing in Spanish too! This quartet consists of drums, bass, acoustic guitar and electric guitar, offers a powerful and elegant live show that makes the audience feel shaken by those captivating sounds of the 50s. Repertoire consists of original songs and versions of classics of Rock and Roll and Rockabilly but with influences from Swing, Western Swing, Country and Hillbilly!

Ric and the Rocks are a rock and roll, rockabilly band from Malaga on the Costa del Sol in Spain, a lively and fun sound to brighten up any event!

Español: Banda formada en 2011 por jóvenes pero veteranos músicos provenientes de otras formaciones como Four Legens, Slow Boppers o Hip Shakin Trio con una larga trayectoria a sus espaldas. Este cuarteto compuesto de batería, contrabajo, guitarra acústica y guitarra eléctrica, ofrece un potente y elegante directo que hace que el público se sienta sacudido por aquellos cautivadores sonidos de los años 50. Repertorio compuesto por temas propios y versiones de grandes clásicos del Rock and Roll y el Rockabilly pero con influencias de Swing, Western Swing, Country, Hillbilly…. Una auténtica regresión a los dorados 50´s que no deja a nadie indiferente.

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