Jive Spain

Jive Spain. 

So you fancy something a little different for your event, how about some fun Jive dancing lessons, with some of the instructors of Jive Spain! Or maybe you might just want to go along to their club and regular dances under the stars.

Jive is great fun for all ages, brilliant exercise and a great way to socialise! See the Jive Spain Video below, it totally explains what they do!

Of course, if you live here on the Costa del Sol Jive, (or is that the Costa del Party)?, you could also join the Jive Spain phenomena, a popular pass time that will ensure your days of terrible "dad dancing" are over! Enjoy a new light footed, fitter and far more dapper you, the wife is sure to enjoy it too, so its's win win all the way! 

Visit the Jive Spain website for more information - Click Here

Not into Jiving lessons? Well what about these entertainment ideas then!... 

Anna Ventura

Childrens entertainment and face painting, Nerja.

Belly Dancer

How about some Belly dancing at your event, try Natasha Lunar!


Add some Middle Eastern magic to any event on the Costa.

Bucking Bronco

You can't beat a Bit of Bully! How long can you stay on?

Candy Floss

Have fun with Candy floss (sugar candy), for your events.


A fun comedy drag act for your parties and events!

Emma Foley

Professional dancer and aerialist, for event on the Costa del Sol

Flamenco Dancers

Traditional Spanish Flamenco dancers and Flamenco shows.