Obnoxious Waiters

Obnoxious Waiters - We intend to offend.

Are you the type that likes to wind up your friends and family? Why not treat them to some totally Obnoxious, clumsy and sarcastic Waiters during your event in Spain? Our special English speaking waiters can take the place of the real one's and provide a great laugh for you, while you watch your guests fume over their antics! They can be sarcastic, clumsy or even downright rude, however far you want them to push it! While you sit back and enjoy the fun, sshhh try to act serious now!

Of course, it's all staged and the waiters only take over for a short period, before we replace them with the regular waiters, for a more sophisticated experience! :)

Rude waiter service

We intend to offend! Watch your guests blood boil as we slowly wind them up with utter clumsiness, wrong orders, sarcastic comments and more! We do not recommend this to all parties, but if you think you can stomach it, let's see how long your guests keep their cool! ... "Manager"!!!!  What's more, "we intend to offend can place some hidden video cameras around the venue, just so you get to keep the memory just a little longer! 

The obnoxious waiter spoof "We intend to offend" can be arranged with most restaurants, or with your private caterers, for all types of venue on the Costa del Sol.


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