Ms King

Ms King - Female vocalist. 

Ms King (Lorraine), is a talented female vocalist from the Costa del Sol, she offers Jazz, Blues and a tribute to Amy Winehouse, as well as some of her own original recordings. Lorraine is available to sing for venues and celebrations throughout the Costa del Sol.

Lorraine has a unique soulful vocal, close your eyes and you would think you were listening to a dated voice, she creates the perfect ambience  for all venues!

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Born in the UK Lorraine has a unique background, with her dependents Stemming from a black American culture. Her grandmother at 16 years fell in love with an American Sargent from South Carolina during the 2nd world war. Pregnant with child when the authority's found out He was immediately shipped to France before he left he named The baby Blanche. Blanche, Lorraine's mother sadly never got to meeting her father, but after much search they found their family in Baltimore. His father was a preacher and he later became a preacher and had always kept her in his prayers.

A wonderful singer, perfect for any occasion, Lorraine currently resides in Coin and is available throughout the Costa del Sol. Contact Lorraine:

Also find her on FaceBook


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