Full rental List

Price lists for Audio, visual, Lighting and Dj equipment hire Spain.

All the stock listed in the drop down below is available to hire through Costa del Party. for all events and parties throughout the Costa del Sol region of Spain. Listed below are the daily rates for rentals, however, please enquire for our multi day discounts, with basic PA systems available for as little as 35 euros a day, when hired for a weeks duration!... See party packs

We aim to beat any "like for like" quotation from any other legally registered supplier.

Create your own sound system from the components you need, or contact Costa del Party to put together a balanced system of sound and light to suit your venue. Hire top quality equipment for any venue, throughout the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. We deliver to your venue, set up, test and offer a demonstration, so you have peace of mind everything is set to go!

We deliver audio and lighting gear to Nerja, Malaga, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, Puerto Banus and Estepona, plus most other areas.

Audio and Lighting Rentals Full Stock List 2016 /17 - Click Here!

Rental Stock Listing 2015 - 16

Create your own package from our extensive stock of equipment and accessories, available to hire for your events, weddings and parties throughout the Costa del Sol region of Spain. Our stock is always changing and we cannot guarantee stock at all times, so please enquire early to avoid disappointment! Of course, we also provide on site set up and knowledgeable technicians if required, or professional entertainment too, if D.I.Y is not your thing!

Simply list all the items you need to hire and we will present you with a package price, to include delivery to your venue and set up if required. If you are not of a technical mind, or have no idea what all these products are, don't worry, contact us and our staff will help you rent exactly what you need!

Passive speakers require an amplifier and mixing desk, or an active mixing desk (with amp built in).

Passive speakers and amps

  • Samson Auro D15" 400w rms / 800 peak
  • Electrovoice elx15 15" - 400w rms /800 peak
  • JBL 315 15" - 250w / 600w programme / 1000 peak
  • Passive Subs 18" Electrovoice ELX18 600w/1000w
  • Behringer 500w 6 channel active mixer with FX – 5 xlr
  • Behringer Inuke 6000w amplifier
  • Crown 2000w amplifier digital

Active speakers have built in Amplifiers, so only require a mixing desk, Dj desk, passive mixer or a connection to the audio source. If you have any questions, please email our team!

Active Speakers and Subs

  • PSK 10" active – 120w rms / 250 peak / 98db
  • Samson 10" active 200w rms / 400 peak / 108db
  • Behringer 15" d15 – 550w rms / 1,000 peak /127db
  • Behringer 15" 350w rms / 1,000 peak / 124bd
  • Mackie Thump TH15 15" – 250w / 400 peak /121db
  • RCF 12" 400w rms / 800 peak /129db
  • RCF Art 12" 700w rms / 1400w peak /130db
  • RCF 710a 10" 700w rms / 1400 peak /129db
  • Turbo Sound 15" 1000w rms / 2400 peak /131db
  • JBL 615 Active 15" - 500w / 1000 peak / 128db
  • Active 10" 250w stage monitor wedge
  • Active 12" 300w stage monitor wedge
  • Lucas Nano 300 ultra Compact PA - 220w rms / 350 peak / 121db
  • DB Sytems column PA system 400w rms / 800 peak / 119db

More Boom in the room, a sub will provide more bass (low frequency) to the audio.

  • Alto 12" active Subwoofer - 300w / 600 peak
  • Alto 12" active Subwoofer MKII - 600W /1200 peak
  • Alto 15" active Subwoofer - 600w / 1200 peak
  • Pyrit 2 x 12" high power sub, 1000w rms /2000w peak (50kg)!
  • EV tour 1181 18" – 500w 
  • Dinacord tx115 15" – 400w
  • Ecler awak 115 15" – 400w

These mixing desks require an amplifier or active speakers for the sound output. The indicated XLR channel are generally used for microphone and instrument input.

  • Behringer 4 channel mini mixer no FX
  • Behringer 6 channel – 2 x xlr 
  • Behringer 12 channel with FX – 4x xlr 
  • Behringer 22 channel with FX – 10 xlr
  • Yamaha MG 16/4 – 10 xlr 
  • Soundcraft EFX12 12 + 2 channel with FX - 12 xlr
  • Soundcraft Digital 16 channel with FX 14 xlr
  • Mackie pro FX 12 channel - 6 xlr
  • RCF 10 channel with FX and Bluetooth
  • Larger direct desks including full digital mixing desks available on request.

Dj Mixers include a cross fader and are used for mixing music from audio sources, they also include a mic port and headphone jack for pre cue of music. They require an amplifier or active speakers.

  • American Audio 2 Channel with Midi and USB 4 way audio
  • Dj Tech X10 2 channel mixer with 4 way sound card
  • Pioneer Professional djm 900 Nexus
  • Pioneer Professional djm 900 Nexus II

Professional Dj CD players, multi media players, record decks and Midi controllers.

  • Pioneer cdj 2000 nexus 1.0
  • Pioneer cdj 2000 nexus II
  • Kuro CDJ (cdj 400 clone) - CD/MP3/ USB PEN DRIVE/MIDI player
  • Technics 1200 M3D - Vinyl record deck
  • Technics 1210 mkII - Vinyl record deck
  • Denon Dj MC 2000 - PC/ Mac Midi Controller for Serato/Traktor/Mix Vibes

The bits and bobs you may need to connect a more complicated audio system together. Generally this stuff is aimed at musicians and stage sound set up's.

  • Passive single DI box 
  • Behringer DI20 – Dual active DI 
  • Compressor dbx 1066a 
  • Processor dbx pa+ 
  • Crossover JB Systems 
  • Multi effects Yamaha 500 spx90 
  • Multi effects Yamaha spx990 
  • Equalizer Ecler 2 x 16 
  • Stage Snake Snake 8 xlr – 10m 
  • Stage Box Snake 14 xlr – 30m

Microphones for speech, singing and presentations. A basic mic may be all you need and all ours are high quality, but for pro singers and entertainers, we stock Sure, AGK and Sennheiser Mic's too.

  • Basic Vocal instrument Mic 
  • Sure Sm 58 
  • Sure Sm 48 
  • Sure Sm 57 
  • Samson Q7 Vocal Mic
  • AKG D5 Vocal mic
  • Sennheiser 835e 
  • Thomann Wireless Microphone UHF 
  • Sure SM58 Dual vocal set Wireless Diversity UHF
  • Audio Technica Wireless Condenser handheld
  • Gemini Vocal Uhf Wireless full Diversity (sm58 quality).
  • AGK Mini – UHF wireless single channel 
  • Samson Large Condensor Mic
  • Small condensor mic
  • Drum Mic kit, 7 microphones
  • Wireless Lapel Mic UHF Wireless
  • Wireless Headset Mic UHF Wireless

Ideal lighting for stages, Up - lighting, colour wash and general illumination. We stock all sorts of lighting, so if you need help or inspiration, get in touch!

  • Par 56 250w traditional with filter screen 
  • Par compact Flat par – 10mm leds RGB LED
  • Par compact Flat par – 5x 3w RGB LED
  • Par compact Flat par - 5 x 8w RGBW LED
  • Outdoor Par 56, 12 x 3w RGBW LED
  • Par 36 pin spot traditional
  • 10w Water effect light
  • Par 30 75w hallogen
  • UV 400w Floodlight 
  • UV LED bar - 9 x 3w, .0.5m 
  • LED strobe 6x6w COB (blinder and flood function)
  • Par 64 floor spot – 12 x 8w LED 
  • Dotz Par 36w COB LED RGBWA
  • Blinder 4 lamps 2600w 
  • Triton Blue 700 spot
  • LED Bar 1m long 256 10mm led
  • Fresnel 1000w 
  • 6w White Pinspot LED / 30 degree beam
  • 5w RGBWA Pinspot LED / 20 or 40 degree beam
  • 30w RGBWA Truss light, battery or mains

Get the party started with special effect lighting ideal for creating that party ambience. Most lights are simply plug and play, moving with the music, some can also be controlled by DMX, or remote switches. If you are unsure, get in touch and we will help choose the right lights for you!

  • American DJ Revo IIII Effects
  • ADJ Revo III Effects light
  • Amercan Dj Tri Gem RGB 3w LED moonflower 
  • ADJ Sparkle LED 3w White light effect (great for weddings)
  • American Dj Gobo/logo Projector 10w led 
  • Varitec Moving Head Wash - 9 x 8w LED
  • ADJ Pocket spots 12w Moving Head, Gobo LED
  • LD Systems Astro White
  • 10w LED twister multi lens RGB
  • Traditional Mirror Ball 12" with motor 
  • 25w Cree LED Moving Head Gobo spot
  • Martin Mania 1 gobo projector 
  • Martin CX4 gobo projector 
  • Martin Mac III Moving head
  • Martin Mac 700 
  • Martin Mac 600
  • Martin Mac 500
  • Martin Mac 300
  • Strobe Light 250w 
  • Strobe Light 800w
  • Strobe Light LED 
  • 30w Beam Moving head RGBW LED
  • Cameo thunder wash LED RGB Strobe

Lasers have a high output and can fill a room with effects, decorative (grating) lasers provide a pattern scatter and work will with or without smoke, while show lasers create that Nightclub feel and must be used in conjunction with a smoke machine to be appreciated.

  • Mini Laser Red Green multi pattern decorative 
  • Show Laser Red 100mw
  • Multi Effects Laser 750mw RGB
  • 1w Green Show laser
  • 2w RGB ILDA full colour 
  • 180mw RGY Laser
  • Laser 400mw Blue

Fairy lighting and other decorative solutions for events and parties on the Costa del Sol. Why not ask our lighting specialist for assistance in creating a magical atmosphere of light for your special occasion!

  • Fairy Lights – White (150 meters in stock)
  • Fairy Lights – Warm White (500 meters in stock)
  • Rope Light 10 meter White (50 meters in stock)
  • Rope Light Clear natural warm 45m roll 
  • LED Festoon Lights - per 5m (100 meters in stock)
  • LED T-light Candles – (packs of 12) 
  • LED Strip Light RGB 5m with remote 
  • LED Flat par Uplighters – RGB multi colour 
  • Battery LED Fairy Lights 4m white AA
  • 12" Mirror Ball and Motor 
  • UV Lamps 15w fit e27 (screw in light fittings)
  • Hanging Tea Light lanterns – Metal White – (Packs 10) 
  • Large Rustic Lanterns white 
  • Outdoor LED Flood Light 30w – RGB – with remote 
  • ADJ Light Pods, rechargeable 12 available
  • Smoke Fluid - Special Heavy fog - 5.00e per Litre.
  • Bubble Machine 2 Litre tank
  • Smoke Machine 450 w 
  • Smoke Machine 800w 
  • Hazer 800w (use regular fluid) 
  • Snow Machine – 5m throw
  • Snow Machine High Output
  • Low Lying fog machine
  • T bar Lighting stand – Takes 4 lights 
  • 3m wide "goal post" lighting stand, lightweight, includes assembly 
  • 4.5m wide goal post stand with lightweight 3 point truss
  • X Keyboard / PA Stand 60kg 
  • Z Keyboard / PA stand 80kg 
  • Folding Rectangular Table White 
  • Dual Keyboard Stand 
  • Music Stand
  • Laptop Stand
  • Boom Microphone Stand 
  • Straight Microphone Stand
  • Aluminium Speaker Stand (for 12" or below) 
  • Steel Speaker Stand High Quality 
  • Speaker / Sub Spacer Bars
  • Truss Trilite 3 meter 25x25 
  • Truss Trilite 2 meter 25x25
  • Truss Trilite 1 meter 25x25
  • Truss Trilite 0.5 meter 25x25 
  • Moleton canvas Cover/backdrop 3 x 2 Black
  • Moleton canvas Cover/backdrop 3 x 3 White
  • Professional Stages Available - POA 
  • LED Dancefloors Available - POA
  • Acoustic Guitar Available - POA
  • Stage Piano Available - POA
  • Full Drum Kit (fender branded)
  • Telecaster clone, electric guitar
  • LCD/ LEDTelevision 42"
  • Optoma SVGA projector 2200 lumens 
  • Optoma SVGA projector 2800 lumens
  • Projector Mitsubishi 2500 lumens HD
  • Projector Sony 8,500 Lumens 
  • 120" Projection screen Frontal
  • 76" Rear Projection screen 
  • 100" flexible rear projection material 
  • 150" Frontal Projection screen
  • 2,500w ... from.. €600*
  • 4,000w JBL System ... from.. €650*
  • 4,000w Meyer Sound.. from.. €650*
  • 7,000w Meyer Sound.. from.. €950*
  • 10,000w Meyer Sound.. from.. €1,500*
  • 10 to 20,000w Custom Build rigs.. from.. €2,000*
  • * Technician included.. Max duration with technician 8 hours, highly advised if you have little technical knowledge. Full Stage and Back Line support also available on request.

Professional Dj / Host / Mc also available please ask for a quotation.

* All Prices are in Euros and subject to 21% IVA (VAT), please enquire for longer duration and event package discounts.

* Technician included.. Max duration with technician 8 hours, highly advised if you have little technical knowledge. Full Stage and Back Line support also available on request.

Professional Dj / Host / Mc also available please ask for a quotation.

* All Prices are in Euros and subject to 21% IVA (VAT), please enquire for longer duration and event package discounts.

This list is our current stock, we are constantly changing and upgrading stock, so please let us know if you need something not available on this list.

Entertainment Marbella Click above for a stock list!

Also visit our sister website for Event hire in Spain - Click Here

Full Details of all equipment on the link above

Rent sound, lighting and stage equipment for all types of celebrations and events in southern Spain, small parties to whopping events!

If you do not see what you require here, please ask, we have many contacts, for many things, if it is possible we will find what you need! We are the Costa del Sol's most "connected" event planners, so anything may be possible.. You don't know until you ask! If you are bringing a band or Dj to Spain and they require equipment, but you do not have a clue, download our rental stock list above and pass it to them. 


Our PA Rental is available on the Costa del Sol in Spain Only!

  • * Minimum total rental Order is 65 euros.
  • * Delivery Charges May Apply, depending on Location.
  • * Prices are per day, max 24hr period.
  • * Set up of individual components is included in the price.
  • * Proof of ID will be required on delivery of the goods.
  • * A Security Deposit is required and returned on the collection of the goods, undamaged.
  • * All prices in Euros, Prices are Subject to Spanish IVA (VAT)

* Safe and correct use of the good remains your responsibility during the hire period, instruction will be provided. Powerful AV equipment can damage hearing and sight if not used in the correct manner... You hire these products at your own risk!

Money Saving package deals!.. Rent our Audio and Lighting equipment packs for a longer term and save up to a maximum of 50% on the standard daily rate! So now you can hire the equipment you need for longer and make some great savings! Delivered to, set up and collected from your venue, villa, home or event location, throughout the Costa del Sol region.

Rent for 3 Days pay only for 2!

Rental Packages for events and parties.

Click the titles for full details.

Audio System pack 1 compact 400w 

The compact PA - 400w rms

A small but capable little PA audio system consisting of 2 x 200wrms 10" active speakers with stands and a small 6 channel mixing desk to connect your audio devices, plus a microphone. Ideal for lower volume affairs, pool parties, cocktail hours, speeches restaurants and even wedding ceremonies. Can also be used for singing and Karaoke etc, or small music parties of up to 50 people, or background music for many more!

70 Euros per single day (Booking deposit 25% of the total)
* Security Deposit 100€ - returned on collection.

More Information click here

Audio System pack 2 500w 

The Basic – 500w rms PA  

Hire Speakers Costa del Sol

A 500w active PA audio with 5 channel mixing desk, plus FX, complete with 15" Samson Auro PA speakers, stands, cables and a wired microphone. Ideal for smaller parties of up to 80 people, speech, karaoke, singing and music. As with all our audio packages, this comes with a mini jack lead, for connecting laptops, tablets and phones as the audio source. This is a popular rental and plenty loud enough for a party! Speaker Weight 18kg per unit.

 80 Euros per single day (Booking deposit 30 euros)
* Security Deposit 180€ - returned on collection.

More information click here

Audio System Pack 3 500w 

The Popular – 500w rms PA

Hire JBL speakers MarbellaThe same PA package as the Basic 500w, but with premium JBL 315 speakers, adding 50 decibels more audio for larger gatherings, louder speech, crystal clear singing and "punchy" party music. Comes with 2 x 15" 250w professional JBL PA speakers and an active 5 channel mixer, with FX and built in 500w (800 peak) super light weight amplifier. Our most popular choice and it is perfect for many uses! Speaker Weight 17kg per unit.

90 Euros per single day (Booking deposit 50 Euros)
* Security Deposit 150€ - returned on collection.

Audio system Pack 4 1000w (2000 peak) 

The Party Power Pack – 1100w PA

Speaker hire SpainA pair of 500w rms Active speakers by Behringer, these are LOUD speakers and can easy provide assertive music and entertainment for up to 150 people. 15" speakers that offer chest pounding power, complete with stands, a wireless microphone and that all important mixer for connecting your audio sources! Perfect for a Dj or Musician, even a small band. Available with 10 channel Behringer Mixer or 2 channel Basic Dj Mixer.

140 Euros per single day
* Security Deposit 200€ - returned on collection. (Booking deposit 50 Euros)

Audio system Pack 5 1800w (3,000 peak) 

The Pro DJ – 1800w PA - JBL

A PA system suitable for professional Dj´s and entertainers, powerful, clear and professional sound from JBL Speakers. 2 x 15" JBL 515xt 625w active speakers and a 15" 600w Subwoofer, this equates to chest pounding bass and great sound for larger venues. Great sound that even the most professional Dj will be delighted with. This pack comes with all the cables and stands and a basic Dj or line mixer, but can also be coupled with one of our bolt on Pioneer CDJ rental packages.

180 Euros per single day (Booking deposit 50 Euros).
* Security Deposit 300€ - returned on collection.

The Entertainer system Pack 6 800w (1600 peak) 

The Entertainer Pack 6

The perfect system for professional singers, small bands and dj's alike. Two sweet sounding RFC professional 12" inch active 400w (rms) speakers, with a Mackie Pro FX 12 channel mixing desk. Supplied with an SM58 wired microphone, mic stand, speaker stands, mixer stand, and all cables to connect it up. Plus we include 2 x high quality LED rgb floor standing par lights, to add a touch of colour to the show! These are amazing sounding speakers, made in Italy, if you have not used them before, you will again! 

  • 1 day rental .. 180.00 euros
  • 3 days pay for 2!
  • 5 days pay for 3!
  • Extra Mic stand and wired vocal mic.. 15 per day
  • Dual SM 58 wireless mic set with stands.. 60.00 per day

Professional PA speakers Marbella
The Wedding perfect Audio Pack pack 7 

The Wedding Perfect Audio rental pack. 

Weddings generally have several parts to them and these parts are often in different locations, meaning you may need a PA audio system that is easy to move around for Ceremony, background music and speeches, but also a more powerful system for the party, Dj etc.  The below package is designed to suit the average wedding perfectly.

2 x 10" 150w active speakers with stands and compact mixer.

2 x 15" 500w speakers with stands and 2 channel Dj mixer for the party. (connect 2 phones/tablets/laptops)

Laptop Stand tripod, Mic stand, connection cables and cables to connect your Phone/Tablet/Laptop to ethier system.

1 x UHF wirless Microphone and 1 x wired microphone

1 x Light Stand, with 2 LED Par lights and 2 Party effect lights.

265.00 per day. (50 Euros deposit to book the date)

Damages deposit 250 Euros, returned on collection of the goods as they arrived.


Manned professional Audio packs also available for stress free wedding Audio and Lighting, please enquire.

Uplighting and Decorative lighting also available click here.


The Band Pack 2800w Rig 

The Band pack – 2600w rms

2 x RCF 10" 700w Active Speakers with 2x 600w 15" active Subwoofers and 2 x Mackie Thump 200w active monitors. Coupled with 22 channel Behringers Eurolive mixer, with FX, or 12 channel Mackie ProFX Mixer. We also include 2 x vocal mics (Sure sm58 or equal), speaker stands, 2 mic stands, connection cables, mixer stand and a 5 meter 8x xlr snake cable. A loud and powerful PA system easy capable of catering for 300 people in a large venue or outdoor setting.  Price includes full set up at your venue.

380 Euros per single day (Date Booking deposit 100 Euros).

Damges deposit (when hired for self use) 450.00 Euros, returned on collection*

Sound technicians are also available at extra cost, as is stage lighting, please enquire

Delivery and collection charges are 52 cents per KM from our base in Mijas Costa

Custom Event Packs 2000 to 12,000w rms 

Custom Event Packs – 3000 to 10,000w rms

Contact Costa del Party with your requirements, we can create rental AUDIO and Lighting packages for any size event and also include experienced sound / lighting technicians. We have Audio systems and speakers available from, Behringer, Mackie, Electrovoice, JBL, Behringer, HK Audio, Myer Sound, Soundcraft, LD systems, Pioneer DJ and many more professional brands.

We can also include Stages, stage lighting, Backline, decorative ambience lighting and much more! Let us create the perfect audio and ambience to ensure your event is a perfect success!  Our services are available throughout the Costa del Sol and we are fully insured for Public Liability! 

Contact us today!

The Battery Pack 100w 

The Battery Pack

Battery powered SpeakerAn amazing 6" Samson xp106 professional battery powered speaker with 100w rms of power (200 peak) and a 8 to 12 hour battery life. Complete with a professional wireless microphone and bluetooth, jack, xlr or mini jack audio connection. The perfect solution to audio where there is no power. Ideal for wedding ceremonies, background audio, speech, busking and small parties just about anywhere! Connect your phone or tables without wires! Pack includes a super light tripod speaker stand.

65 Euros singe Day rental. 

Security/damages deposit 150.00 euros, returned on collection of the goods in the order they arrived.

The really Portable! HK Audio 

The Portable – 220w rms Compact HK

nano-pa.pngExperience the very best in portable micro PA systems with the amazing HK Lucas Nano 300, a portable power house in a mini 10kg package. You can now hire the amazing Nano system, with 220 w rms of power (300w equivalent) using the latest in special audio enhancement technologies! Perfect for a solo entertainer, a discreet system for a small wedding, restaurant or garden party. This tiny 10kg PA consists of an 8" sub woofer and 2 tiny 4 inch speakers, with built in 3 channel mixer, it sounds MUCH louder than it is, don´t let it´s size and wattage fool you! Speakers are so tiny they mount on a microphone stand and of course, we supply you with two, plus the cables to connects your audio player, phone or Ipad directly. Suitable for smaller parties up to 50 people. (No FX – For vocal performers but we can include a small mixing desk with FX. 10 euros more).

80 Euros per single day
* Security Deposit 150 € - returned on collection. (Booking deposit 50 Euros)


2,600w Band PA systems ... from.. €650*
3,500w JBL System ... from.. €680*
4,000w Meyer Sound.. from.. €680*
7,000w Meyer Sound.. from.. €950*
10,000w Meyer Sound.. from.. €1,200*
15 to 20,000w Custom Build rigs.. from.. €2,000*

* Technician included.. Max duration with technician 6 hours, highly advised if you have little technical knowledge. Full Stage and Back Line support also available on request.

Professional Dj / Host / Mc also available please ask for a quotation.

* All Prices are per day, please enquire for longer duration discounts.

Contact us.

info@costadelparty.comTel: (0034) 6624 38384

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Battery powered speakers

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