Local Culture

Local Music and Spanish Culture.

The Costa del Sol is located in southern Spain, in the region known as Andalucia, home to the Flamenco style of music, Bullfighting and many traditional Spanish festivals. If you like to "step into" the culture when on holiday, then Andalucia has plenty to explore and enjoy!

Flamenco dancing, flamenco guitar, traditional Spanish Guitar and local Spanish bands that play everything from the old, to the brand new, it's all here, you just have to find it! Let's show you some of the best traditional Spanish entertainment and venues that you can visit while on the Costa del Sol, plus the best times to experience one of the many Spanish "Fiestas".

One thing to be sure of is, the Andalucian Spanish people are very hospitable, when attending local events like festivals and flamenco, then you are sure to be treated like one of the locals (with mutual respect, of course). The Spanish like nothing more than to share their culture with those who are interested.

Flamenco Singer Spain

From the Polished shows of Malaga and the Coast, to the rustic sing songs of rural Andalucia, music still plays a big part in Spanish life, especially the local sounds of Flamenco and Sevillana. During Spanish holidays, known as "fiestas", there is often plenty of entertainment to enjoy, from street processions, to Flamenco shows and beach parties.

Another Spanish "Icon", especially inland, is the Horse, this is the land where horse riding is still a huge pastime of the locals and there are many "festivals" related to this too. In rural Andalucia, there are still many small bars in the countryside, where the locals often arrive on horseback! These local bars are often a great source of traditional entertainment, real Spanish food and a large helping of culture that you would never find in the more touristic areas. It is a good idea to pick up local newspapers, to discover what's on in the world of Spanish entertainment, but in Summer months, it's not going to be hard to find something going on! If you don't Speak Spanish, don't worry, the locals are used to getting through with pointing and sign language, but the ambiance of a native Spanish Fiesta has to be Experienced, at least once!

National Spanish Holidays (Fiestas).

In Spain there are a lot of local and national bank holidays, here are the most important National ones, however it's worth checking out local ones in the area you may be travelling! It's not a bad thing arriving in Spain during a holiday though and there is a good chance you may see an amazing local party! 

  • 1st Jan - Año Nuevo - New Years Day
  • 6 the Jan - Epifanía del Señor - 3 Kings Day
  • 28 th Feb - Día de Andalucía - Day of Andalucia
  • 5 th April - Jueves Santo - Holy Thursday
  • 6 de April - Viernes Santo - Good Friday
  • 1 st May - Fiesta del Trabajo - May Day
  • 24th June - Festival San Juan - Festival at Night
  • 15 th August - Asunción de la Virgen
  • 12 de Oct - Fiesta Nacional de España - National Holiday
  • 1 st Nov - Todos los Santos - All Saints Day
  • 6 th Dec - Día de la Constitución Española - Constitution Day
  • 8 the Dec - Inmaculada Concepción - Immaculate Conception
  • 25 the Dec - Natividad del Señor - Christmas Day
Love Spain

Love it, hate it or just curious, Andalusia, Spain is still the home of the controversial tradition of Bullflighting. Although opposed by some, the Spanish hold strong to their traditions and Bull Fighting is still a regular event on the Costa del Sol, especially in Malaga. There are still 70 Bullfighting rings in Andalucia, although, of late a few of these have been de commissioned. 

Bullfighting in SpainDespite it's controversy, many tourists coming to the Costa del Sol, do choose to attend a Bullfight, even if only once, after all, when in Spain! In a Bullfight 3 banderilleros on horesback must stick a pair of banderillas (Barbed spears), into the charging bull's back. In the final suerte suprema the bullfighter uses the muleta, a small red cloth draped from a stick. He has to show his mastery to dominate the bull, and to establish an artistic symbiosis between man and beast. The corrida then ends the show with the torero, using his sword to kill the bull, attempting to plunge it through the shoulders, into the heart. Yes, we agree it is not for the faint hearted, let's show some more pretty Flamenco girls instead!

Flamenco Costa del Sol

Food and Gastronomy.

Andalucía, like other areas of Spain, has it's own unique food culture, local produce such as the Olive, fresh fish and pork play a big part in the typical southern Spanish menu. Good food hygiene is widely practised these days in Spain and eating out can be a real treat! With so many traditional Tapas, fish and BBQ dishes and of course, the ever popular Paella, there is something on every corner to tantalize the senses! 

There are so many Tapas to try, from gambas al pil pil and tortilla de patatas (Spanish potato omelet) to albondigas (meatballs in sauce), pinchitos (mini chicken or pork skewers), ensalada rusa, (russian salad) and many more you'll never get bored of them! A tapa is basically a very small ration, a little larger than a Canapé. Many Spanish Bars will have a Tapa counter, where they will display the many tasty treats you can try, while you sip your Cerveza (Spanish Beer), in the afternoon Sun!

Tapas in Andalucia

Holding an event in Andalucia?.. Hire a licensed caterer.

Anything is Possible!

The Costa del Sol has the diversity to make any kind of holiday a possibility, from the resorts and beaches, to the Andalucian countryside, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. The infrastructure here is fairly modern and European. Andalucia a destination where YOU choose how you want to take your holiday, from the plush hotels and beaches of Marbella, to rustic country retreats, relaxing breaks, to pure adventure!

Entertainment in Andalucia. 

The traditional Music of the region is Flamenco, although the Spanish do play and enjoy other styles of music too. There are various styles of Flamenco music, such as Granadínos from Granada, Malagueñas from Málaga, Sevillana from Sevilla, each having it's own unique sound and feel. A Spanish Flamenco show is certainly well worth a visit, however, if you prefer some entertainment in your own language, you will find many bars and clubs catering, at least for the English Language.

Hiring Spanish Entertainers.

If you would like a traditional Spanish theme to your wedding or special event, then hiring a Spanish Guitarist, Flamenco Dancers, or band can bring you a truly Spanish ambience! Costa del Party can book from a range of traditional Spanish artists, in almost any region of the Costa del Sol in Spain. Contact us today and we will find the most suitable act to suit your taste and requirements... More Info

A few pictures takes around Andalucia Spain, in the Malaga region..

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