Clubbing and Nightlife

Clubbing and Nightlife on the Costa del Sol.

Why Choose Ibiza or other over-priced destinations? The Costa del Sol has great night life, outstanding beaches and something for everyone, with 24 hour parties!

If live music is not your thing and you want to come on holiday to party, go clubbing and mix with other cool people, chic's and guys, then the Costa del Sol will not disappoint! There is a vast and varied night scene here and each town has it's own flavour! This little guide should give you some Idea, as to, where is best to stay and also some great places to go out on the Costa del Sol!

The Costa del Sol has good all year round nightlife, but it is in Summer months when it really comes to life, with clubbing, beach parties and a healthy dose of fun in the Sun! Warm summer nights make the ideal ambiance to enjoy out-door parties and observe all those sexy tanned bodies in light summer clothing!

During Spanish Festivals, such as San Juan, huge beach parties and outdoor disco's are traditional on the Costa del Sol. Party Zones, like Puerto Banus, Marbella and Benalmadena, bring you the best in Clubbing, Party bars and bar crawling! Beach by day, party by Night, is the true Summer lifestyle here on the Costa del Sol in Spain!

Clubbing and Party Hotspots on the Costa del Sol.

Depending on how you want your holiday expenses to last, you could choose to do it in Style,with a Holiday in Marbella or Puerto Banus, or cheap and cheefuly in Benalmadena or Torremolinos. Let's give you a rundown of the best places to stay, or hit the town in!

Nightlife in Malaga Capital.

As the Regional Capital City and the gateway to the Costa del Sol, Malaga has some very varied night life and is a vibrant city by night. Malaga, is pretty international, but it has retained a very traditional feel, as cities go, it's quite a safe place and typically has good shopping, bars, restaurants and nightclubs!

Malaga is the place to experience the very best in Spanish clubbing and nightlife, with some of the best internationally recognised Spanish DJ's. The City has a variety of nightclubs and night life to suit a variety of tastes. As will most citys, Malaga's nightlife has a very cosmopolitan feel about it and it's certainly possible to stay out 24 hours in this city! As well as nightlife in the form of clubs, there are many venues where you can see bands and live music in Malaga.

Malaga's beaches are quite nice too and very clean for city beaches, although, the Aircraft flying into Malaga Airport, tend to become annoying when relaxing on the beach, great for plane spotters though! Getting a good hotel in Malaga is considerably more expensive, but there are a few reasonable hostels around, driving here is a nightmare, but there is very good public transport, Buses, Taxis and trains!

Stag/Hen Holiday Rating *** / Clubbers Rating *****


Torremolinos is a cosmopolitan resort, with plenty of nightlife and a good "buzzy" atmosphere, in Summer months especially! A reasonably cheap place to stay and to go out, it has plenty of trendy bars and nightclubs, (Or Discotecas as they are called here).

Torremolinos also has a large gay community and as such is gay friendly, it also has a good few gay bars and nightclubs, attracting large weekend crowds. Torremolinos has some good beaches, if a little overcrowded in peak seasons, lots of low cost hotels and accommodation, it's a good choice on a budget!

There are plenty, in fact too many, bars and restaurants in Torremolinos, from quality dining to "Joes cafe" style dining. So many bars, means it's not hard to eat out quite cheaply and find a few bargains, as they all battle for the trade!

Just 10 Minutes from Malaga Airport, Torremolinos also has a railway line, that runs from the Airport to the town and onwards as far as Fuengirola. So getting here and exploring other destinations is made easy. Torremolinos continues up the Coast until it reaches Benalmadena Port, another Bustling weekend party district, within walking distance!

Stag/Hen Holiday Rating ***** / Clubbers Rating *****

Costa del Sol clubbing guide


Benalmadena is the next resort along the Costa del Sol, from Torremolinos, it is also an economical place to stay and has interesting and varied nightlife. Benalmadena Port becomes a weekend Hotspot with some great party and discoteca bars and there is the infamous 24 hour square, where the night can continue into sunrise!

There are plenty of night bars in the town, with a mixture of live entertainment and Karaoke bars, to nightclubs. Connected by the train, it's also possible to nip to Torremolinos or Fuengirola and experience the nightlife there too, Benalmadena is a great place to stay with a group of friends, for a fun, holiday in Spain, perfect for Stag and Hen Parties.

Benalmadena also has some great Hotels, including an all inclusive resort, or the outstanding Sun Set beach club, with it's twin pools, entertainment, scuba diving and water sports activities. With large, clean, sandy beaches, Benalmadena is a hit with Sun and Beach lovers too!

The Addition of it's own theme park (Tivoli World) and the SeaWorld underwater park, plus numerous other attractions, Benalmadena is the perfect destination for the whole family too! A prime destination for groups of Golfers, with economical accommodation and just 20 minutes by car to the nearest golf course.

Stag/Hen Holiday Rating ***** / Clubbers Rating ****

Clubbing Benalmadena

Fuengirola and Mijas.

Fuengirola is the last stop for the Trainline from Malaga Airport, it is a lot more "Spanish" than Benalmadena, but still remains a good party town! With a cluster of late night and party bars at it's heart, Summer Months see the best of the parties and entertainment here.

Fuengirola is also host to many Spanish festivals and creats an amazing beach party to celebrate the festival of San Juan, on June 24th. Fuengirola is also home to the Karbon Club, a sports and pool bar upstairs and nightclub downstairs, a recent addition and very popular.

Fuengirola has Good, clean beaches and is considerably less overcrowded than some of the other resorts, except in August, when the Spanish head to the Coast, in that Month Fuengirola is very BUSY! Fuengirola has plenty of hotels and is a favourite with golfers and groups, it lies within easy reach of several golf courses, with Mijas Golf just 10 minutes away!

Lots of restaurants and bars mean resonable prices here too and Fuengirola has a big choice of food, Spanish, Chineese, Italian, German, English, Irish, Macdonalds, Burger King, KFC and much more! There is also a Shopping center with 12 screen cinema, one of which dedicated to playing movies in English, oh and they even have an Iceland British Supermarket too, for any home comforts!

Fuengirola town can seem a little "seedy" in the early hours, the common sight of African prostitutes and "looky looky" men selling dodgy watches, sunglasses and Illegal DVD's. Despite this, there is very little trouble, apart from the odd pick pocket, or drug pusher whispering or "Hey Mate want some weed"!

Stag/Hen Holiday Rating **** / Clubbers Rating ***

Marbella Nightlife.

Marbella is home to some of the best Nightlife the Costa del Sol has to offer and the town has a much more "Upmarket" feel about it! Upmarket means prices tend to be higher too, although, there are still some bargains to be had. Marbella is home to some top nightclubs and entertainment venues, plus interesting bars and restauarants on every corner.

Marbella has Golden sandy beaches, some of the best on the Costa del Sol and you can try your hand at plenty of water sports activities, or just relax and enjoy the Sunshine! Marbella has a Quality holiday feel about it, it is indeed home to many multi-million pound villa's and favourite with the more affluent, rich and famous!

Home to great clubbing and parties, plus live music venues and other entertainment to suit all tastes, Marbella is an outstanding holiday destination, if a little more expensive than other areas. Trendy bars, wine bars and nightlubs, along with party beaches, Such as the infamous Nikki Beach, Marbella is the Costa del Sol, with a touch of class!

Stag/Hen Holiday Rating ***** / Clubbers Rating *****

The Famous Puerto Banus.

Puerto Banus is located just a little further up the Coast from Marbella and this is one serious party district, with a mixture of class and madness! This is clubbers heaven, especially in summer months and is home to some of the Costa del Sol very best nightlife! You can expect your money to last a little less time when out partying in Puerto Banus, but it's all in aid of a good time!

Puerto Banus is a leading destination for the more affluent and the port it's self, displays that, with multi million pound yachts and boats mored here for all to admire! The Port area is full of restaurants and trendy bars, this does not appear to be a party district at first glance! However, step into the back streets of Banus, to find the Action and a real party atmoshpere, Banus rocks, it's a great place for a wild weekend!

Here in Puerto Banus you get serious clubbing with top name DJ's from the UK, Spain and other parts of the world. This is the Costa del Sol's best destination for the dedicated clubber, without a doubt!

Stag/Hen Holiday Rating ****** / Clubbers Rating ******

Nightlife in Puerto Banus


Estepona is fast becoming another good destination for clubbers and party animals, it is home to some pretty good nightclubs and a vibrant atmoshpere, especially in summer months! It's also a hit with groups of golfers, with Estepona Golf a big favourite golf course on the Costa del Sol.

Estepona is a little less built up than Marbella or Puerto Banus and still has a very Spanish feel to it. It is host to many spectacular parties and festivals and live music events. Estepona has a quality feel about it, but slightly less inflated prices than Puerto Banus or Marbella.

Stag/Hen Holiday Rating *** / Clubbers Rating ***

Nightlife in Nerja and La Axarquia.

The region known as Axarquia is located on the other side of Malaga to all the above and although a generaly quieter area, it still has quite a bit to offer in the way of night life. Nerja, it's "tourist capital" and the popular town of Torrox are good places to head if you are seeking decent nightlife. Don't expect the big clubs and Dj's you might find in Puerto Banus, in fact, the region is more popular for live music, however, there are a few decent places to get your fix of good basslines and practice staying up very late!

I guess it really depends on what you want from your holiday, as the Nerja area has amazing beaches, tranquility and beauty, with a "fun kick" in the evenings. This is a place to relax AND have fun, with a "down to earth" ambience and friendly hospitality.

Stag/Hen Holiday Rating *** / Clubbers Rating ***

Nightclub Banus

Nightlife in Other Areas of the Costa del Sol.

The Costa del Sol has many more towns, villages and resorts, those listed above are just the most popular for Clubbers. Most Major towns and resort will have a certain amount of nightlife and always plenty of places to eat and drink. If you are considering the Costa del Sol for your next holiday and are unsure where to stay, contact Costa del Party, we are happy to advise you!

Live Music and Bands in Spain.

There are also plenty of venues that have live Entertainment, throughout the Costa del Sol, from singers to bands, of all styles! If you are planning what to do on your visit to the Costa del Sol, then it's a good idea to keep an eye on our FaceBook group "Where it's at", as well as the local radio, English newspapers and of course, our gig guide! If you are seeking Dj's or live music for an event or celebration in Spain then check out our massive listings of local acts.

Safety and Crime on the Costa del Sol - Spain.

The Costa del Sol, as a whole, is a pretty safe place, petty crime, such as pick pockets and vehicle theft is probably the worst case senario here. The Spanish are a late bunch, so there are always people on the streets and even families, right up to the early hours, this tends to make serious crime less common.

Taking the usual precautions that you would take back home is the best way to avoid problems, stick together in a group and leave any bars where a situation gets rowdy! Take the usual care when talking to strangers, or getting chatted up in a bar or club, not everyone has your best interests at heart!

Stay away from Drugs and Drug pushers, although Spain has a slightly tolerant view on Marajuana, it's is still an offence to posses it and carries a large on the spot fine! Messing with other drugs, could land you a few nights in a cell, to a few years in an overcrowded Spanish prison! Of course, in the Clubbing world, drug use is common place, but, the dealers make full use of the "tourist money" and sell products "cut" with just about anything they can find!

Best advice, stay away from Drugs and criminal activities!

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