Firework Displays

Firework Displays for your Events.

If you are hosting a wedding or special event in southern Spain, on the Costa del Sol, then you may be wondering if it possible to have a firework display. At some times of the year, especially in the extra dry months of July and August, this may not be possible, however most other times it is, as long as the correct permission is applied for and the company are insured to do it! 

In the Malaga / Marbella region of Spain, we can provide firework displays for events, through our Spanish partners in Malaga, who will also apply for permission on you behalf. Having an exclusive deal with them means Costa del Party can provide stunning firework displays for your events on the Costa del Sol, or as part of our event packages. 

Firework displays for events and weddings on the Costa del Sol, Malaga / Marbella province of southern Spain.

Costa del Sol FireworksACP_8098.jpgFireworksACP_8094.jpgFireworks Marbella

As well as amazing outdoor firework displays, we can also provide COLD flame firework fountains, that can even be used in an indoor venue, a simply stunning effect for a wedding! No fire risk and no smoke! Or maybe you would like your name or a message made in special fireworks, it's all possible, throughout the Costa del Sol!

In some rare cases, or during the long dry summer months, permission for fireworks may be refused, but you can still make use of the cold flame fountains! Failing that, why not consider a fantastic light show instead!.. More things are possible in Spain than ever before, thank's Costa del Party!

Professional 5 minute outdoor firework displays start from 699 Euros!

Smaller options and special indoor displays also available.

Ask about a Firework Display for your event in southern Spain..


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