Cautions planning an event.

Plan your event in Spain with Caution!

Spain is a fantastic and increasingly popular location to host a special event, wedding or celebration. After all, with easy access, abundant sunshine, a friendly laid back culture and breathtaking scenery, what more could you want? However, many people planning their events here in Spain, get caught out by the many pitfalls and the dishonest service providers that still prevail! 

Spain's authorities are now clamping down hard on illegal services, workers and indeed event planners, with inspectors checking out many venues, even private villa's where events are being held. It's not just the services and workers either, your rental property may also be illegal, or not posses the correct paperwork to hold events / banquets, it may even be illegally rented!

As reported in Spanish newspapers, April 2016: "From waiters to entertainers who charge "in black money". Last year they detected nearly a thousand offences in Andalusia alone, during inspections of weddings banquets, communions and baptisms". This year sees the continuation of these inspections throughout Spain. (ref)

An inspection during your event, wedding or celebration could mean an abrupt end to your celebrations, should anything not be above board!  What does this mean to you?

Your event in Spain

Quite simply, your event could end up with an abrupt end, should any of your services not be legitimate in the eyes of the Spanish authorities! This Guide could help save you money and a whole lot of stress, why take the risk? We want you to have an amazing experience in Spain and you can, with a little foresight!

Illegal Workers: One of the most common problems here in Spain, Illegal workers, waiters, entertainers, wedding planners, catering staff and many more services may be using them! Due to expensive and complicated tax procedures for workers in Spain, many companies take the risk and pay their workers in cash! If caught, this can result in a fine of up to 3,000 euros per illegal worker for the company and to be sure, they will not be continuing to work that day! What do you do if all the waiters are suddenly sent home, or your entertainment is cut short because the band is working cash in hand?

Sure, paying workers Cash is considerably cheaper for the service providers and often they pass a little of the saving back to you, the client, undercutting those providers who do things "above board", but saving a few euros here and there, could be a BIG mistake in the long run!

Illegal Service providers:  To run a business in Spain, you must be registered as self employed with the tax authorities, with either a NIF tax number, or an S.L company number. Any service provider who fails to be able to offer you this information is illegal! Some companies known to us are registered in the UK, not Spain, but if they are based here, that is illegal to do! Again, an inspection could mean the company runs into problems, either before your event date, or even possibly on the day, should the inspectors call by!  They will not be able to continue with your event that's for sure! 

Illegal Caterers: Catering is one of those services that falls into the danger zone, the legal paperwork and requirements for caterers are tough and complicated, but then so they should be! There are a few good catering companies that have the correct paperwork, insurance and have fulfilled all requirements, but there are many that have not! Just because the caterer you found has a glossy website, great menus and tells you they are legal, it does not mean they are!  It's always worth checking this paperwork yourself, although it may be in Spanish, of course! The last thing you want is food poisoning, or to find your catering company has been closed down, right before your event is due to take place!.. No, It should not happen, but it does!

Illegal Venues and Villas: This is a trap that catches out many a holiday maker, including those planning events here in Spain. Just because a venue is advertised for rent and the owner tell's you all is above board, it does not mean it is! Many properties are rented out illegally, either paying no tax, or without the required permissions, especially the permissions require to host an event! We know of many clients who paid deposits on properties that ran into legal issues before their vacation, often meaning loss of deposits, or loosing your wedding venue just before your wedding! 

Some properties are also advertised for sale at the same time they are advertised as holiday homes. In this case, if the property sells before your holiday stay, the owner will normally refund the deposit. However, what if this was 2 weeks before your event / holiday and left no time to find an alternative! It certainly can happen and in fact it does! we have rescued several client with last minute property bookings, where this has occurred!

Our best advise is always seek professional assistance from a reputable company such as Costa del Party when planning your event in Spain!

It can save you a lot of stress!

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