Choosing a Venue

Choosing the right Wedding Venue. 

Choosing the right venue for your wedding in Spain can often provide a more daunting task than you might Imagine. With such a large choice in venues, Hotels, Beach clubs, restaurants and Villas, all in different types of locations, it can be confusing enough, without all the other considerations, such as noise restrictions, or other regulations. So how do you go about finding the right wedding venue?.. Read this little guide to help you gain a direction!

Costa del Party can assist you in finding the right Wedding venue in Spain, but read through this guide, to help you understand the possibilities!

Which wedding Venue

Let's begin with each of the main options available as wedding venues in southern Spain, each will have it's benefits and fallback's, while each also provides a different angle on the Wedding celebrations too!

Hotel Weddings in Spain.

Most Hotels are equipped to provide catering and service to a large number of guests with ease, they also boast function rooms, often sound proofed, where entertainment and your wedding Dj can often play into the early hours. Many Hotels in Spain also boast Gardens where the wedding ceremony can take place, or some of them may even have a beach frontage.

Some of the Benefits of choosing a Hotel Wedding: 

  • Can cater for a large amount of guests with ease
  • Often provide the latest cut off times for entertainment
  • Bride Groom, Family and Guests can stay at the Hotel
  • May have onsite beauty, make up and Hair salon
  • Offers indoor Space if the weather was not as planned.
  • Often provide full wedding packages and on site wedding planners

Villa Wedding in Spain:

Villa weddings are a very popular choice and indeed, we consider them our specialty! However, when choosing this type of venue for your wedding, extra care must be taken to ensure the Villa meets your criteria. One of the biggest problems can be that of noise restrictions, especially where the client would like live entertainment or a DJ late into the night.

Many Villa wedding venues will have noise restrictions and a cut off time of Midnight, although some may be earlier! If late entertainment is a must for your wedding celebrations, you would be best choosing a villa in a more remote inland area, or one with indoor facilities for entertaining late. However, we often advise that 12 midnight is the ideal cut off time anyway, bear in mind, your Wedding celebrations may have began early in the afternoon! 

Some of the Benefits of Choosing a Villa Wedding: 

  • Privacy and freedom to plan the day in a more relaxed manner.
  • More control over your budget, able to use private services, catering etc. 
  • Many Villas offer stunning settings for a Wedding
  • Imediate Family/Friends can stay at the venue too.
  • Possibility to entertain over several days

Restaurant Weddings. 

Some of the Costa del Sol's larger restaurants can cater for weddings with ease, some may even have gardens where the ceremony can be conducted and the ability to conduct entertainment. Beach Restaurants are the most popular and can often provide reasonably priced Menu's.

Again, the biggest problem for many venues, is late entertainment, most who can, will have a cut off time of 12 Midnight, or at least will require all entertainment to move indoors.If your party is much smaller than the Capacity of the Restaurant, you may not get exclusivity, or will need to pay extra for this. However, some restaurants can provide private areas, or separate dining rooms. Of course, if considering a restaurant type wedding venue, you will need to accommodate your guests elsewhere and possible provide transport for them to the location. 

Some Benefits to a Restaurant Wedding Venue.

  • Restaurants often provide good deals and menu choices.
  • If your party size fits the restaurant capacity, exclusive use may be possible.
  • Some restaurants will have the ability to conduct entertainment
  • Some Larger restaurants will have Gardens where a ceremony can be held

Make sure the Venue you choose is right for you!

There are many Wedding venue's throughout the Costa del Sol region, take care in booking a venue that has the right appeal and fits all your needs. Special care should be taken in the booking of Villa type Wedding venues. especially through agents! There are many "hard sell" agents and "wedding planners" on the Costa del Sol (Thankfully Costa del Party are not one of them), they will tell you anything just to get the booking, sadly on the Wedding day, the local Police may not agree! 

Just because the Venue looks the part, consider these points carefully!

  • Is it Licensed, or has it held Weddings there in the past?
  • Does it allow entertainment to the time you want to go on until?
  • Does it have sufficient parking/access not to clutter or block the street?

Apply for an Event License.

If you are choosing a Wedding venue that does not have a license, or has not had previous events, it is possible to apply for one. Local authorities will asses the application, to see if the venue can support a one off event and will grant a license with a fixed cut off time and rules you must abide to! The Cost of this application can range between 100 - 300 Euros and success is not Guaranteed, however, successful applicants can enjoy the day, without any fear of persecution by Police or local authorities. Application time can take several weeks.

Let us Help!

If you are seeking a Wedding venue in Andalucia Spain, then Costa del Party can assist. We have the knowledge and experience to help you make a wise choice and can even provide escorted viewings. Take a look through our recommended venues here, or contact us with your needs.

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