Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas.

Decoration plays a key part in creating the right ambience for a Wedding, but the ideas can be endless! A huge tip is to follow your own taste and make your decoration personal for you, but here are a few ideas to help you on your way! Remember, Costa del Party can work with you to provide venue decoration, including flowers and lighting, helping to turn any place into a dream wedding venue!

The key to good wedding decoration is to use imagination, if you are stuck for ideas and planning a wedding in southern Spain, our team are happy to assist.

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Subtle colours and soft lighting often work the best, but then contrasts are good too, enjoy adding your own "quirks" to the theme, after all, this day is about you and your partner! You chosen venue will also be a consideration as to what lighting is needed and the decoration style, a rustic venue, for example, often looks better with the "shabby chic" look, where as a modern venue, may require a different finesse!

There is no right way and no wrong way!

Marry in SpainYour wedding is a personal affair and there are simply no rules as to how you decorate your Wedding venue! Decoration and theme should reflect what you both like, as the couple getting married! Not just a replica of something you saw in a wedding magazine or through Google!

There is no right and wrong way to dress and theme your wedding. Your wedding deco should reflect your own personalities, beliefs and a touch of imagination of course! Your wedding decorator and florist should work with your ideas creating a look that has your personalities embedded right into it! Of course, you have to keep things practical and within budget too! Some over extravagant ideas can sound great in theory, but will they take a lot of time, manpower, or expense to pull off?

Light it up - Subtle but sufficient!

If your venue is outdoors and will be carrying on late into the night, careful consideration should also be taken that lighting is sufficient to see by. Candles and lanterns look lovely, but the often provide very little usable light, subtle colour wash lights can assist this, but bright white light, should probably be avoided, as it is often an ambiance killer! White light can however be magical in an effect light, such as a mirror ball. Garden lights and floods at your venue, can often be covered with a temporary colour foil, to provide a more subtle effect.

Fairy lights and rope light are popular decorations for weddings, they offer that extra "twinkle" to the lighting. Fairy lights can also come in the curtain type, try a white fairly light curtain, with white organza draped over the top, for an amazing effect! White or Warm white (light amber) fairy lights provide the best effect for a wedding and mix well with any colour scheme, but they also come in many other colours, that can blend with your theme.

Drape and cover.

Materials can be a wonderful inclusion to your wedding decorations, from Soft Organza to Silk, cotton and even rustic materials such as Hessian can create a softened feel. Draping give that "real wedding" look and feel, especially with white materials, lightly finished off with a splash of your colour scheme. Hanging fairy lights, or LED uplighters behind fine Organza can create an amazing effect at night! Materials can also be good for screening those "not so pretty" parts of a wedding venue.

Lanterns and Candles.

wedding_lanterns_spain.jpgThere is indeed something magical about candle light and it makes the perfect ambience lighting for a wedding. Large Lanterns for the floor, smaller lanterns hanging from trees, table lanterns and tea light holders, floating lanterns for the pool, the options are endless. If fire safety is an issue at your venue, as is often the case in Spain during summer, then you can also consider LED candles, which offer a very realistic effect, without the fire risk, or naked flame. 

Candle Bags, Wedding favour boxes and disposable paper type lanterns can also make a stunning display, without breaking the bank! They are reasonably cheap, meaning you can afford lots of them, perfect for lighting a larger venue, or long pathways. Chinese hanging paper lanterns also make a popular low cost wedding decorations, fitted with some LED lights, they can look stunning at night too! Jam Jars can also make fantastic lanterns, for use with tea lights, or LED candles. They can be lined with coloured stone or sand and even tied with ribbon and are ideal for a more rustic theme. How about some nice water filled vases with several floating tea lights!

If you are planning a wedding in southern Spain, Andalucia, then Costa del Party have a large stock of decorative lanterns and other solutions for decorating your wedding venue, contact us for details.

Wedding Lanterns

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