Plan B!

Planning for the unexpected!

Every couple hopes for a perfect wedding day, with cloud free sky's, perfect services, perfect food, no family rows, the whole day perfectly planned and orchestrated! However, sometimes in life "circumstances" really can be beyond our control and that goes for your wedding day too! It's really not such a bad idea to have a "Plan B" for your Wedding celebrations, or at least enter into the day with an open mind, after all, "what will be will be"!... You don't have to let circumstance spoil your day! 

As regular attendee at many weddings, I have witnessed a variety of circumstances that have "altered the course" of the wedding day! Some of which could have been avoided and some that could not even have been expected! The obvious problems encountered include the weather, something that is left purely to chance and cannot be guaranteed for love nor money, even here in Spain!

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A beautiful sun kissed day, the happy couple take a stroll around the Spanish village....

Avoiding the avoidable!... 

There is one thing that is certain, avoiding the avoidable disasters should be high on your "plan b" list, here are just a few of the disasters I have personally witnessed and how they may have been avoided, or at least softened!

Outdoor Weddings.

An outdoor wedding can be amazing, but you are placing yourself at the hands of the elements and nature! Even here in Sunny Spain, where the weather is much tamer than other parts of Europe, things can still turn nasty when you least expect it! Rain is the most obvious annoyance that can affect your outdoor wedding, but also wind and even uninvited insects can also spoil the day!

Ensure a Plan B!.. Because you never know!

Your Wedding day is special but it can be expensive too! Even if you are planning a wedding in Sunny Spain during the height of Summer, there is still no guarantee of the perfect weather, all be it, a better chance than in many other destinations!

My advice is to always use a wedding venue that also has enough covered / indoor space in which you could comfortably entertain your guests, "just in case" the weather will not play friendly! Alternatively, have a marquee erected, in Spain this can also have the added benefit of providing shade, as well as protecting you from the elements. Some people may not realize what damage just a small sprinkling of rain can cause during an outdoor event! Electrical gear, maybe audio and entertainment equipment, will need to be moved or waterproofed, decorations can be spoiled, the list goes on. 

Yet I have still attended weddings where there was no provision for a plan-b, most of which went without hitch, but one or two that were seriously unlucky! Can you imagine all those guests and all that preparation literally going to waste, as the rain came in and there was no alternative, but to call it a day!  We cannot plan for the weather, but we should at least consider the "what if's" on our wedding day! 

Wind, though less problematic than rain, can also be a bit of a problem, especially along the coast of Spain. Delicate wedding decorations and even hairstyles can certainly go astray! I have seen wedding ministers loose their paper work, gazebo's fall down, glasses on tables crashing over, whole table cloths taking off with the table contents and all manner of incidents due to a windy day!

On the whole, Spain is one of the very best destinations for an outdoor wedding, you have a lot more chance of a Sun Kissed wedding day, than in the UK or other parts of Europe.

Illness and accidents.

The Bridesmaid that cut her hand with the dinner knife, the aunty who jumped up to dance, tripped over in her high heels and broke her wrist, the Bride who was rushed into hospital the day before her wedding, with serious dehydration, released the next day, just 2 hours before the wedding! The female dancers who kick off the high heels to dance and end up treading on that broken glass! Oh yes, I have seen all manner of accidents and incidents happen at weddings! 

So how do you plan against accidents? Well you can't really, but you can at least ensure there is a good first aid kit present, that someone has the number of the local emergency services and try to take steps to avoid accidents happening! Looking after your health is important too! Many couples embarking on a wedding in Spain will tend to want a tan! Over sunning yourself, especially in Spain, can lead to dehydration, sun stroke or at least a lobster coloured face in your wedding photos! Watch out for that pre-wedding drink too! Take it easy and be sensible! 

If planning a wedding in a private venue, ensure you enlist a properly licensed caterer too, especially here in Spain! There are many catering companies out there claiming to be licensed, often offering low rates to secure the work. However, unlicensed companies may also use inferior quality food and not abide to hygiene standards, very important in Spain's warmer climate! A dose of post wedding food poisoning is not going to help hold the day in your most pleasant of memories!

Alcohol - A weddings best friend and it's worst enemy! 

Many weddings, depending on your culture will involve copious amounts of alcohol, which is great for relaxing your guests, raising a glass and raising the mood! However, bear in mind the typical wedding day may start in the early afternoon and finish in the early hours,that is a lot of time drinking! Top that with drinking in the heat of the Spanish sun and it's easy to see how things could get quite messy towards the end of the day!

Oh yes! I have seen fights erupt, family feuds, accidents happen, damage to property, people going to bed with the "wrong" partner (really) and people falling out on a long term basis, all due to over doing the alcohol at a wedding! Not forgetting, there is "always one", that cannot help themselves but play the joker, once the "juice" kicks in, maybe you should consider not inviting them, but they are often the most sensible of the bunch, before the tipple! 

I certainly don't want to preach about sensible use of alcohol, after all this is your wedding day and I guess you will expect to party! However, it is a good idea to have at least one, or for larger parties maybe two sensible adults, who do stay reasonably sober, if just to keep an eye on things and maintain some sense of order! 

It's also a good idea not to aim your wedding celebrations to continue too far into those early hours! A sensible cut off time will end things on a high, rather than it all going a little to far! After all, let's Say your ceremony begins at 4pm and you end the day at Midnight, that could amount to 8 hours steady drinking over the course of the day! Some people may handle it, some may not! 

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Have a great wedding party, but try to keep things sensible!

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