Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours.

Deciding on Wedding favours is often a tricky one, again there are too many ideas, in fact, some couples don't bother with favours and others "go to town" on them! So firstly what are wedding favours? Basically they are small gifts or tokens given by the Bride to her guests, as a thank you for sharing her special day.  Wedding favours were made popular at the end of the 18th century.

Today many wedding favours still take the traditional form of a small parcel, or Organza bag, with Sugared almonds, mints or sweets inside, but they can often be a lot more sophisticated, or imaginative. We have seen everything from Miniature bottles, to full gift boxes offered to guests as wedding favours, so what will your favour offering be!

Wedding Favours were traditionally small boxes or parcels containing five white sugared almonds, which symbolise Health, Happiness, Wealth, Fertility and Longevity.

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So should you offer favours?

We think you should, after all, people like receiving gifts, no matter how small and wedding favours can also complement your decoration too! Small favours, like organza bags, can be presented on the tables, or larger ones, make a great display by themselves. If you are getting married on the Costa del Sol, then why not ask Costa del Party to help you decide on some wedding favours, or turn your creative ideas into reality!

Watch out for things that go Squidgy or melt!

If you are planning a wedding in Spain, then it might be a good idea to avoid Wedding favours who's contents could melt in the heat! Chocolate or easy perishable goods may not be the best idea in this climate, although, they could be refrigerated if needs must!

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