Winter Weddings in Spain

Winter Wedding in Spain.

People choose to get married in Spain to enjoy a Wedding in the Sunshine, yeah we know that! However, many people do miss out on the benefits and large discounts of a winter Wedding in Spain, it may not have crossed your mind, but Spain is a lovely, romantic destination for a winter wedding too! The Costa del Sol has one of the best year round climates in Europe, so there is a good chance it will already be considerably warmer than elsewhere in the EU, at any time of year!  

Let's check out the pro's and con's of choosing to host your wedding celebrations in southern Spain during the winter months. 

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The Pro's Click Here

The Good Points:

1. Cheaper Wedding Venue's and services! 

Most venues, Hotels and Villas have large discounts for off season bookings, this saves you considerable money from the onset! There are also some great package deals to be had and accommodation for your guests can be a lot cheaper too, let alone the flights! No matter what your Wedding Budget, it's going to go a lot further during winter months! We estimate you could save up to 30% to 40% by choosing to host your wedding in Spain during the off peak months!

What you save on the venue can go a long way to making your Wedding in Spain even more amazing, why struggle with the budget?

2. It's  So Cozy in Winter!

Winter is a "Cozy" time of the year, OK sometimes it rains and sometimes it's chilly (not as chilly in southern Spain as the rest of Europe, of course), open fires and candles give a magical glow. Patio heaters can make the winter nights feel just fine and a marquee can always keep out the damp if it is troublesome. Spain can be just as Magical in Winter and sometimes, it's actually considerably nicer compared to the raging summer heat!

Your Guests can afford to attend!

Let's face it, attending a Wedding in Spain during summer months can be a costly affair for your family and guests. During winter months, with the exception of Christmas and New year, flights to the Costa del Sol are considerably cheaper from the UK and most major European airports. Accommodation can be snapped up at bargain rates too, as can Car hire, so a lot more of your guests will be able to afford to attend your Wedding in Spain!

A Beautiful time of year for exploring the Costa!

With a lot less Tourists, uncluttered roads, lots of local fiestas and a way more relaxed ambience, the Costa del Sol is an amazing place to explore and enjoy during off season months! You could even opt for a Day trip to the local Ski resort, just 2 hours away from Malaga, in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada's! The Costa del Sol also benefits from glorious sunny days, even in the middle of winter, where you can be basking in sunshine on the Coast, yet looking over to snow capped mountains in the Distance. 

Spanish Food at it's best! 

Forget those "Ensaladas" (Salads) and cold soups winter is a time for comforting, warming food, for the Spanish too it's no different. Some of the best dining and tapa's can be experienced in the winter, in uncluttered restaurants with mouth watering menu's, often with some great special offers in off season months too!

The Costa del Sol is also much more relaxed and less "touristy" during the winter months, it becomes more reminiscent of the real Spain and the way of life here! 

The Con's Click Here

The Con's of a Winter Wedding in Spain. 

The Biggie - Rain! 

Rain is probably the biggest con of planning a Wedding in Spain, although there are many venue's where this would not be a major issue, but if you dreamed of the perfect outdoor wedding, it cannot be guaranteed! Of course it rains far less here in southern Spain, but from October to around April there is always the chance of it! However, when it's not raining and the sun comes out, it can be like an British Summers day, even in height of winter, it's the Biggie, but with the right planning it need not be a deal breaker!  Nobody want's a rainy day on their wedding, but then in the UK and other parts of Europe, you cannot even guarantee a rain free day in Summer either!

Less School Holidays!

Yes we know this is going to be a problem for those with Children, or lot's of Children in the family. However, there are still a few holiday periods in winter and the Wedding can always be done over a weekend too, remember flights from most EU destinations are under 2.5 hours!. Children can be signed out of School if attending a family Wedding, at least in the UK, if notice is given to the head teacher, if the wedding is at a weekend, you may only need to sign them off for 1 day, if travelling was tight! 

Yes but why the Costa del Sol in the first place?

The Costa del Sol is the Coastal region of the Malaga province of Spain and it span's some 200km, it's made up of towns, resorts and charming villages. Don't confuse it with the tacky resorts that often get portrayed on TV, yes of course it has them too, but it also has places of sheer beauty, quaint villages and high quality hotels. The Choice in venue locations for your wedding is vast, from rustic fincas and basic hotels to luxurious Villas and 5 star paradise's, all within easy drive from the main airport! The Costa del Sol is so much more than you imagine, just come and spend a week exploring and you will come back year after year! Host your Wedding here and it will be in your memory forever!

Contact Costa del Party and we will help you to plan the most amazing wedding celebration in Spain, no matter what the time of year!

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